What the F is LWLLJB???

Lesbians who look like Justin Bieber is literally EXACTLY what it sounds like. Pictures of adorable lesbians who look like the teen pop sensation. Making everyone “LOL” with witty captions and as they stare in awe and try to figure out which one is THE REAL BIEBER.

More self-explanatory than humanly possible.” - The Insider

Featured in NY Magazine, GQ, AfterEllen.com, TMZ, The Insider, Autostraddle, The Chicago Reader, and many more! 

LWLLJB is created and curated
by Dannielle Owens-Reid (right), a biebian from South Carolina who loves Justin Bieber and the lesbians who look like him. She is currently doing social media on behalf of Virgin Mobile Live on the Lady Gaga Monster Ball Tour. Follow here on tour here or here

Also Everyone Is Gay.com

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